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Mateminco Fw2 -- Feedback

Mateminco Fw2 -- Feedback

  • Friday, 29 July 2022
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Mateminco Fw2 is a lep flashlight, it has a maximum range of 1300M and a maximum brightness of 350lm, it is a very good DIY flashlight. Next, I'll show what some customers have to say about fw2.

1. Mateminco fw2 is a compact white laser flashlight with both appearance and performance.

2. Compared to some flashlights of similar size, the mateminco fw2 looks and performs better, and is more fun to pair with the glow sticks.

3. The flashlight is ergonomically designed to hold it with one hand and the flashlight is very lightweight.

4. Pretty cool light. Build quality is good and functions good. Its bright and I like high/low features. I don’t like strobe. That should never be added to these flashlights. Maybe the one person who likes strobe can make their own damn light. Lol. But this FW2 has it tucked away nicely.

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