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The Mateminco FW3 Feedback

The Mateminco FW3 Feedback

  • Wednesday, 23 November 2022
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The following is a summary of my questions for some customers. If you have other questions, welcome to ask.

Q: How much is Mateminco Fw3?

A: The original price is $118.99 for the white light, and $128.99 for the red and orange lights. Big deals(15% off) and a chance to get 10% off cashback. The price is affordable.

Q: What leds are used in Mateminco fw3?

A: It uses a white laser and 9 Cree XBD leds.

Q: How many colors are available?

A: The body color is available in two colors(black and green, but green is out of stock now.).

There are four light colors to choose from white 5000k, white 6500k, orange(585-595nm) or red(620-630nm).

Q: How many modes are there?

A: I think it can be seen as three modes, flood mode, white laser and flood+white laser. If you have other views, welcome to discuss together.

Q: What is its max output and runtime and distance?

A: Max output is 1550lm (Floodlight+Laser); Max runtime is 100h(5lm in Floodlight); Max distance is 1350m

Q: How to decorate Mateminco fw3?

A: Usually, a fw3 needs 8 pieces of 1.5*6mm or 6 pieces of 1.55*12mm glow tubes.

Q: What's in the package

A: 1 x MATEMINCO FW3 Flashlight

    2 x Tactical ring

    1 x clip 

    2 x oring 

    1 x lanyard

    1 x Manual

Q: Where to buy?

A: Clike here(15% off dicount code: H15):   Mateminco FW3

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