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Nitecore MH40S - New Release

Nitecore MH40S - New Release

  • Thursday, 11 August 2022
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  The just-released Nitecore MH40s has a maximum output of 1500lm and a range of over 1640 yards. The Nitecore MH40S has a scratch-resistant lens coating, an HA III-grade finish on a rough aerospace-grade aluminum body, and is IP68 water-resistant. The Nitecore MH40S is essential for outdoor activities such as hunting, work, patrolling, caving and hiking.

  The Nitecore MH40S main specifications are shown below:

  Here are the Features:

  1. Built in USB-C fast charging port with two included 5000mAh super beefy batteries that run over 105 hours.

  2. Innovative pressure pad with multiple attachment options, velcro pad, picatinny rail adapter, or hook-and-loop straps while still use the tailcap switch.

  3. Scratch resistant lens coating, HA III grade finish on a rough aero grade aluminum body, that is rated IP68 waterproof.

  4. MH40S flashlight, 2x NL2150 batteries, charging cable, charger, holster, remote pad, picatinny rail and hook and loop attachments and a LumenTac battery organizer.

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