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A flashlight that can adjust the color temperature arbitrarily - Lumintop FW4X

A flashlight that can adjust the color temperature arbitrarily - Lumintop FW4X

  • Tuesday, 22 February 2022
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A flashlight that can adjust the color temperature arbitrarily - Lumintop FW4X

  Lumintop flashlights are recognized by many users who are keen on EDC torches. Many flashlights are small and easy to use. Lumintop FW4X is a very distinctive flashlight, its color temperature range from 3000K to 6500K adjustable color temperature flashlight.

  The dimensions of the Lumintop FW4X are 28.7 mm Ø head x 92.5 mm length. In the hand, just a grip. With the stainless steel clip in the center, it can be easily clipped to the pocket trouser pocket or even the strap. The hole in the middle of the clip is also convenient for inserting the hand rope, which is worn on the wrist and is not easy to fall off.

  The top end is an electronic switch made of stainless steel, with Lumintop's unique "Little Rabbit" logo on it. Because it is a concave design, it can achieve an inverted effect. The switch is crisp and easy to click, and you can unscrew the tail cap or lock it with four consecutive clicks when you put it in the trouser pocket.

  Lumintop has diamond-shaped knurls on both ends of the tube, which creates enough friction with your fingers when holding it to prevent the flashlight from slipping off.

  The Lumintop flashlight is as well-built as ever and is comfortable to hold in the hand. The waterproof rating of the Lumintop FW4X is IPX8, so the strong waterproof ability allows users to not worry about being exposed to the rain.

  In addition, the flashlight itself has temperature control and lithium battery protection. When the temperature is too high (55 degrees), it will automatically downshift, and when the lithium battery is lower than 3.2V, it will automatically reduce the brightness to prolong the use time. (Automatic shutdown when lower than 2.9V to prevent over-discharge of the battery).

  If you look closely at the lamp head, you will find that the flashlight uses two sets of LED lamp beads, which are composed of 2 Cree XPL HI and 2 Nichia 219C LED lamp beads, with TIP optical lens.

  As an EDC flashlight with variable color temperature, the FW4X has a maximum luminous flux of 3150 lumens, a light intensity of 15625CD, and a maximum range of 250 meters. The floodlight area is large, the paving effect is good, the light is uniform and comfortable, and the peripheral vision is wide. The following are the renderings of different color temperatures under the premise of the highest brightness:

  The Lumintop FW4X is very easy to use and has five gears. In addition to the low/medium/high regular gears (with gear memory), there are other hidden gears including extremely bright and energy-saving, and the way to enter is also very simple. The FW4X has a uniform brightness distribution and a large area covered by the light spot. 

  Lumintop FW4X its rich color temperature adjustment function, making it capable of more occasions. In addition, its delicate and compact body and easy to operate, make it more suitable for outdoor commuting.

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