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Collection of Olight Flashlights

Collection of Olight Flashlights

  • Monday, 17 January 2022
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  • Collection of Olight Flashlights

  Olight products are widely used in public safety, law enforcement, military and police, industrial, household and outdoor fields.

1. Olight Batton 3

  Olight Batton 3 is exquisite and compact, whether it is in a bag or in a trouser pocket, it will not affect the travel.

  There is only one button on the Baton3 package, and the operation is relatively simple: single-click to turn on/off the flashlight, long-press to switch the brightness level, double-tap the button to directly turn on Turbo Super Bright, triple-tap the switch to directly enter the strobe mode, and long-press the switch to enter the moonlight mode. The flashlight shell is made of aluminum alloy, with 1.5 meters drop resistance and IPX8 waterproof ability.

  The tail of the flashlight is a strong magnetic design, which can be firmly sucked on the steel.

  Another feature of this flashlight is its own charging compartment. When the flashlight is out of power, put it in the storage bag and charge it automatically, solving the problem of insufficient power of the flashlight when going out.

2. Olight Perun

  Olight Perun is an easy to use corner light. With compact design, the volume is only 112MM*23MM, and the head is 26MM. Weight 120 grams with battery and holding clip. Small size and beautiful appearance. The protection level of the flashlight has reached IPX8.

  In addition to charging, the tail magnetic attraction can also be attached to iron objects, freeing both hands in special circumstances and when the hand cannot control the flashlight.

  The button controls the power on and off, adjusts the brightness and unlocks, and the overall operation is controlled by one button. The keys have a backward angle, which is in line with the physiological characteristics of thumb bending, and the feel will be more comfortable.

  When the power is insufficient, it can be charged by adsorption through the magnetic contact charging interface at the rear. It can be charged through ordinary household power supply, car charger, mobile power supply and computer USB interface. The charging indicator on the back is more intuitive, showing red when charging and green when fully charged.

  The actual measurement during use as a headlight outdoors, the gear is 2000 lumens.

3. Warrior X Turbon

  The overall design of the Olight Warrior X Turbo is tough and comfortable, and the two-speed fast dimming is suitable for both tactical use and daily use. It is hard to believe that a 157mm*26.2mm* head 58mm, a small straight tube can have up to 250,000 CDs of illumination, and even the battery weighs only 294 grams. The protection level is as high as IPX8, so there is basically no need to care about superficiality. The drop resistance also reaches 1.5 meters. Coupled with vibrating reminders, almost all high-tech is combined into one.

  The side of the head is also made into the shape of an attacking head, which is not only powerful and beautiful, but also anti-roll.

  Two small heat sinks are made on the head near the LED.

  The tail cap part of the Olight is another important part of the Warrior X TURBO. There is a similar attack head on the pressure ring around the button. On the one hand, Warrior X TURBO can be violent to the end. On the other hand, this attack head can be used as a similar stand, allowing the Warrior X TURBO to achieve the inverted function without affecting the feel of the keys.

  Press fully to toggle highlight gear (1100 lumens) on/off. Press and hold for more than 1 second and then release, the flashlight turns off immediately after it lights up, similar to tactical lighting. Another interesting point is that this tail press also supports mouse tail control. Of course, this thing is an optional accessory, and it can be used as a gun light with the butt.

4. Olight Seeker 2

  The positioning of Olight Seeker 2 is a small volume high lumen large floodlight flashlight with a maximum brightness of 3000LM. It adopts a special TIR Optic Lens, which mainly provides illumination for medium and short distance targets. The flashlight is equipped with a 5000 mAh 21700 lithium battery, and the longest battery life can reach 15 days. The bottom of the button is equipped with a three-color power indicator, which can display the remaining battery power in real time. The magnetic charging interface at the rear is equipped with a USB magnetic charging cable, which can be used to charge the mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Ideal for home, outdoor or duty equipment.

  Olight Seeker 2 has a total length of 126mm, a head diameter of 35mm, a body diameter of 27.5mm, and a weight of 185g including batteries. Thanks to the use of TIR lens and the compact internal structure design, the size of SEEKER 2 is quite well controlled, only more than 12cm, which is very convenient to carry.

  In the middle of the barrel of Seeker 2, the indication marks of the positive and negative electrodes of the battery are engraved by laser.

  The anti-slip effect is good, and the wavy structure is processed by the CNC machining center, which provides a comfortable grip when holding the flashlight, and also improves the friction force.

  In addition, it also has an IPX8 waterproof rating and can be used within 2 meters of water.

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