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"Palm Thunder" GT3 and Mini Long-range Flashlight GT Mini Pro

"Palm Thunder" GT3 and Mini Long-range Flashlight GT Mini Pro

  • Tuesday, 22 February 2022
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"Palm Thunder" GT3 and Mini Long-range Flashlight GT Mini Pro

  Lumintop makes some small, high-performance products, such as the GT Mini Pro and GT3.

1.Lumintop GT3

  Lumintop GT3uses three Cree XHP70.2 bulbs, and the maximum brightness can reach 18,000. The diameter of the lamp head is 68 mm, the diameter of the barrel is 52 mm, and the total length is 126.5 mm. The diameter of the lamp head is larger than that of the barrel, which is more conducive to grasping. The outer shell of the GT3 is made of aviation aluminum alloy that takes into account strength and lightweight properties, and its total weight is 475 grams.

  In order to obtain better light transmission efficiency, GT3 uses double-coated tempered glass material as mirror glass, which can significantly improve the light transmission efficiency after coating, so as to obtain better lighting performance. The use of tempered glass is to improve the strength of the lamp head glass and make it more impact-resistant. In order to further ensure the strength of the lamp head glass area, a stainless steel retainer is added to the top of the GT3 lamp head.

  It is precisely because of its super light performance that the problem of heating is inevitable. The GT3 has added a lot of deep cooling fins under the lamp head, and the addition of cooling fins improves the ventilation efficiency in this area.

  GT3 uses a light-transmitting rubber button, and the flashlight also has a luminous function, which makes it easier for us to find it in the dark.

  In the flashlight body area, GT3 cancels the large-face knurled design, and replaces it with a more designed texture design. The body of the flashlight is engraved with the brand LOGO of Lumintop and the model logo of this flashlight. The grid-like pattern window design is added to the left and right sides of the body, which can significantly improve the hand friction when grasping.

  In order to meet the usage habits of more people, a lanyard loop design is also added to the tail of the body. With the design of the front and rear lanyards, we can choose the position of the lanyard according to our own usage habits and the current practical situation.

  The bottom of the tail cover of GT3 adopts a wide and flat design, which can support the inverted use of GT3. We can use this feature to use GT3 as an emergency lighting device in daily life, thereby extending its practicality.

   Unscrew the tail cover to see the battery compartment inside the GT3. The GT3 is powered by 4 18650 lithium-ion batteries. The 18650 battery is currently the most mainstream professional flashlight power supply. The advantage is that it has more powerful power. It can also be recharged and recycled.

  GT3 adopts the very smooth dimming method of stepless dimming, which can adjust the most suitable brightness from 1 lumen to 18,000 lumens at will.

  For a flashlight with such a powerful lighting performance, it must be equipped with a higher protection level. Lumintop has added IPX68 protection level to this GT3 (6 dustproof, 8 waterproof), this protection level can challenge almost any use environment.

2.Lumintop Mini Pro

  Lumintop GT Mini Pro uses a CREE XHP 50.2 lamp bead, the maximum brightness can reach 3500lumens. The diameter of the lamp head is 50mm and the total length is 132mm, excluding the battery 150g.

  The flashlight can be divided into three parts: the lamp head, the barrel and the tail cover, and comes standard with two barrels, one long and one short. As a whole, the lamp head accounts for a large proportion, and the center of gravity of the empty barrel is in the front.

  The coated glass is transparent and beautiful, maintaining the consistent fine assembly process of Lumintop, and the perimeter is tightly seamed. Coated glass can improve the transmittance of internal light, which means that it can be brighter.

  The circuit of Gt Mini Pro is a high-efficiency constant current dimming circuit, and the minimum brightness can be viewed directly by the naked eye, which can effectively protect the user's eyesight. The stepless dimming takes about 4 seconds for one-way dimming, and there will be a slight pause when the brightness is in the middle. When it reaches the minimum or maximum brightness, the main light will flash once to remind you.

  There is a color power indicator inside the switch. By default, the indicator can be turned on when the main light is turned off, which is convenient for finding the flashlight in the dark. If you don't like this function, you can also turn off this function by switching the flashlight on and off quickly and continuously. When the voltage is low, the brightness of the indicator light will also dim to remind the internal battery level, which is convenient for users to grasp the remaining usage time.

  The waterproof level is IPX8, which can be used normally under two meters of water.

  In an all-black stairwell, simply press the switch and use the default stepless dimming. It is very convenient to find the appropriate brightness. It is not dazzling, and you can see the surrounding environment clearly. The GT Mini Pro also has a brightness memory function. Flicking the switch and then turning it on is still the same brightness, which is convenient for repeated use in the same environment.

  The GT Mini Pro version of Lumintop has the characteristics of small size, large luminous flux, and long-term compatibility. It is equipped with a high-performance battery and has a long battery life. It is very suitable for outdoor activities, portable, and multi-mode circuit functions.

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