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Durable tactical TK01 and floodlight MT35 MINI

Durable tactical TK01 and floodlight MT35 MINI

  • Friday, 21 January 2022
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Durable tactical TK01 and floodlight MT35 MINI

  Mateminco's new models are not fast, but whether it is from long-range to floodlight, or from the material, you can see that Mateminco is very attentive and full of materials.

1. Mateminco TK01  

  As a tactical medium straight, Mateminco TK01 is not only bright and excellent in appearance, but also sturdy and durable. The maximum luminous flux of 2215 lumens has a long-range range of 310M. The independent dimmer switch is convenient for dimming, and the tactical tail can be lighted with one button. In addition, there is a USB direct charging function.

  TK01 is a solid workmanship product from any angle. The oxide layer on the outer surface is very delicate like a ceramic material. Oxidation is available in three colors, black, gray and yellow.

  The TK01 lamp head is made of coated glass lens, and the lamp cup is made of all-aluminum alloy, with orange peel reflective surface, and the coating of the lamp cup has good reflection brightness.

  The switch adopts the method of tactical tail press plus side press dimming. The tail press is only responsible for lighting the flashlight, and the side press is only responsible for dimming control respectively. The gear configuration is 4 gears cycle + 1 gear extremely bright + 3 special lighting gears. Short press the side press to adjust the light in 4 steps. Double click on very bright. Long press to switch between strobe, SOS, and beacon.

  There is a red indicator light inside the button, and the red indicator light will light up when charging or the battery is about to run out. A green indicator will light up when only half of the battery is left.

  The body of the flashlight is made of diamond-shaped anti-skid patterns, which play a role of anti-skid.

2. Mateminco MT35 MINI

  Mateminco MT35 MINI is a tactical flashlight, which is very clever in size, not big or small. Its huge lamp head occupies a large volume ratio, which provides a guarantee for strong long-range performance.

  The lens is designed with double-sided coating, and the coating color is lavender.

  The lamp cup adopts a huge all-aluminum alloy lamp cup, the lamp cup is deep and the workmanship is very good and the brightness is very high.

  The LED does not use the popular CREE XHP35 solution, but uses the relatively small Lumens SS40. The main appearance and size of this LED are actually similar to the CREE XML, but the SST40 has a higher withstand power, so the overall performance is far more than XML.

  MT35MINI divides the flashlight body into three pieces.

  The advanced tail cover part adopts the structure of end surface conduction, that is, the plane of the whole barrel is in contact with the spring in the tail cover, and the structure of thread and end surface conduction is adopted near the head. From the design point of view, the head should be used to increase heat conduction. Therefore, the oxide layer is deliberately cut off. On the one hand, users who have higher requirements for heat dissipation can directly add thermally conductive adhesive to bond the barrel head and barrel body into an integrated structure to further reduce thermal resistance. On the other hand, it does not affect the complete power outage by unscrewing the tail cap, which is the best of both worlds design.

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