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Tow EDC flashlights worth your collection in May

Tow EDC flashlights worth your collection in May

  • Monday, 16 May 2022
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  For a long time, edc flashlights have been deeply loved by the public.The characteristic of EDC small flashlight is that the body is very small, which is suitable for decoration, portable backup and so on. Today, we will discuss the edc flashlights worthy of collection.

  1.Lumintop Frog

  The small size of the Lumintop Frog allows it to be carried around as a keychain or as a decoration. Lumintop Frog uses a Luminus SST20 4000K lamp bead. The outside of the lamp bead adopts a total reflection lens to guide light, and the light guide medium is clear and transparent. It can reflect almost all the light of the lamp beads from the lamp head, forming a main light spot with relatively uniform brightness, and the visual experience is more comfortable. Eyesight can be protected to a certain extent. The Lumintop frog uses a 10180 tube by default, The maximum brightness is 570lm, and the maximum runtime is 9 hours, but if you want longer runtime and higher brightness, you can consider replacing the 10440 tube and use a 10440 battery. Lumintop Frog is a cheap and practical edc small flashlight, it is worth your collection.

  2.Olight I3E

  The lamp beads used by Olight i3e are Philips LUXEON TX, It is a little bigger than the Lumintop Frog, and its brightness is not as high as that of the Lumintop Frog, with a maximum brightness of 90lm.But it can also be used as a keychain to decorate your keychain, it can meet the needs of daily life, lighting up the stairs. Olight I3E has an IPX8 water resistance rating and runs on AAA batteries.

  The above two flashlights are edc flashlights that I think are worthy of your collection in May, they are cheap and practical. hope you'll like it.

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Lumintop Frog:

Olight I3E:

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