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Two Swords of Light: Lumintop Thor 3 and Lumintop Thor I LEP Flashlights

Two Swords of Light: Lumintop Thor 3 and Lumintop Thor I LEP Flashlights

  • Monday, 21 March 2022
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Two Swords of Light: Lumintop Thor 3 and Lumintop Thor I LEP Flashlights

  One thing the Lumintop Thor 3 and Lumintop Thor I have in common is that they are both LEP flashlights. When the flashlight is turned on, they emit light like a "sword", and then we will discuss these two "swords".

  1. Lumintop Thor 3

  The Lumintop Thor 3 is a white laser flashlight with an irradiation distance of 2500 meters, a beam intensity of 1562500 candela, and a brightness of 400 lumens, Its dimensions are: 159.2*59.3*25.4mm (Head Ø*Tube*Length). It is very practical for emergency search and other situations.

  There are patterns of brand and model number on the flashlight head. In addition, the head position of the flashlight also has the deepest cooling fins that I am most impressed by. From this structure, this white laser can maintain the brightness for a longer time.

  The position of the tube is provided with large diamond-shaped anti-skid patterns for anti-skid and perspiration. The tail is one of the characteristic positions of this white laser, and the 6 reserved slots can be installed with luminous tubes or tritium tubes. This also brings the fun of DIY and adds some embellishments to the original tough appearance.

  There is a hand rope loop on the front end of the tail cap. The keys are made of silicone, raised and have fine lines. Blind operation is sensitive and efficient.、

  Unscrew the tail cap, the effect is as follows. Insulating gaskets can protect the circuit when we are not using it and reduce the loss of electricity. The thread at the mating position is fine and the end surface is conductive. 

  Compatible with 21700/18650 batteries, low-light battery life is 7.3 hours. An adapter sleeve is required when using 18650 batteries.


  The diameter of the flashlight head at the core position is 59.3mm, and the large diameter brings a long-range effect. There are raised tactical attack teeth around the head, which protect the core position and reduce accidental collisions. The anti-reflection coated lens is stably fixed by the waterproof ring and the lens pressure ring.

  From a visual point of view, although it is only 400 lumens, it can be felt that the illuminated position is very bright. And the beam is like a pillar and does not diverge with distance.

IPX8-level waterproof and 1-meter drop-proof performance also ensure that Thor 3 can work normally in various harsh environments.

  2.Lumintop Thor I

  The Lumintop Thor I is available in three materials: Aluminum, Titanium Raw and Titanium Stonewashed. The Lumintop Thor 3 is a white laser flashlight with a irradiating distance of 1200 meters, a beam intensity of 34200 candela, and a brightness of 400 lumens. The dimensions are: 96*32*22.5mm (Length*Head Ø*Tube Ø). It can be used for emergency searches and other situations.

  The pattern on the tube has a non-slip effect. The tail is similar to the tail cover of a gear. In addition to increasing the friction force to facilitate the unscrewing of the tail cover, it can also prevent the flashlight from falling.

  The Lumintop thor I and Thor 3 are both tail switch designs. When the hand is holding the tube, the thumb can just reach the switch, so it seems to be a good design.

  The Lumintop Thor I has an IPX-8 water resistance rating, and it works well under two meters of water.

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