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Two super bright flashlights -- Imalent RS50 and Imalent R60C

Two super bright flashlights -- Imalent RS50 and Imalent R60C

  • Tuesday, 25 January 2022
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Two super bright flashlights -- Imalent RS50 and Imalent R60C

  As an outdoor activity enthusiast, in the face of the darkness of night, I always want to make the flashlight in my hand brighter. Gently press my finger, it can bring the light like daytime, illuminate the road ahead, and see the hidden pits. Both Imalent's RS50 and R60C do what I need.

1.Imalent RS50

  The Imalent RS50 uses eight LED light-emitting cores and is equipped with an integrated eight-in-one reflector to guide light. The highest brightness can reach 20000lumens. The eight lamp beads are installed in the same direction, and the light transmission diameter of the lamp head reaches 66mm, which brings beautiful visual effects.

  As a multi-core, high-power flashlight, the calorific value is large and the temperature rises very quickly. In order not to overheat the casing and the lamp beads, the luminous flux of ordinary flashlights for long-term battery life is about 1000~2000 lumens, which limits the normal use of light. need. The Imalent RS50 has a heat-dissipating housing that blows air through a fan to achieve active cooling.

  There are a large number of ventilation slots on the surface of the casing. After the fan is turned on, it can form a multi-position heat dissipation outlet, and the heat of the LED can be discharged from the casing as soon as possible, forming a strong internal and external air circulation to achieve rapid heat dissipation.

  There are three-point supports at the bottom of the shell, which is slightly higher than the surface of the switch. When the flashlight is placed upside down, the switch will not be accidentally touched. In fact, don't worry if you touch it by mistake, the fan power consumption is very low, and the life is very long, and there is no problem in turning it on for a long time.

  There is a screw hole at the lower part of the lamp neck on the surface of the barrel. No surface oxidation treatment is done. It is through this point that the shell and the barrel are fixed.

  The screws can be tightened by hand and can be operated without tools.

  RS50 is a side-press flashlight. The switch button is located on the upper platform of the lamp neck, which is consistent with the switch size and texture of the casing. The surface diameter is about 12.5mm, slightly protruding from the washed out plane, and the key stroke is about 1mm. Feels clear. The waterproof level reaches IP65.

  Holding the flashlight with one hand, the thumb can naturally fall on the position of the switch, which is convenient to press. Even if the casing is installed, it will not affect the operation at all. The control of the flashlight and the control of the casing fan are independent of each other and will not interfere with each other.

  There are two indicator lights for the flashlight to work. After the casing is installed, it can just be exposed from the gap between the two fans. The installation of the casing will not affect the use of the flashlight and check the working status of the flashlight.

  In the off state, click the switch to open the memory gear, which is convenient for frequent use in the same scene. After power on, press and hold the switch to achieve a sequence of low light 300lm—medium low light 600lm—medium light 1800lm—medium high light 3500lm—high light 6500lm—low light 300lm. Click the switch at any time to turn off the flashlight and memorize the current gear.

2.Imalent R60C


  Imalent R60C is a multi-output button-type multi-function LED flashlight powered by 3 21700 batteries, using 6 Luminus SST70 LEDs, with a maximum output of 18000 lumens and a maximum range of 1038 meters.

  The inner wall of the battery compartment is smooth, the space is just right without being crowded, and the workmanship is excellent.

  The positive contact surface, the edge of the contact surface has been chamfered, and there is no sharp feeling when touched by hand.

  The buttons on the side of the head are relatively large and have a good feel. The operation is light, crisp, and there is a click sound. The length of the flashlight is 125.5mm, and the button is just in the thumb holding position, which is ergonomic and does not feel uncomfortable when operating.

  The two copper contact points seen in the picture below are the magnetic charging part, which can be charged by connecting the configured magnetic charging cable to the power supply. No matter it is a standard 220V home power supply, a car charger, a power bank, or a computer USB, it can be charged without turning on any switches, just plug it in and charge it, and it can be charged as you use it. The flashlight cannot be turned on while charging.

  IMALENT R60C flashlight introduces waterproof IPX8, the standard of 2 meters underwater.

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