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The Brightest Micro Keychain Flashlight - Lumintop Frog - Review

The Brightest Micro Keychain Flashlight - Lumintop Frog - Review

  • Tuesday, 22 November 2022
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  The Lumintop Frog is an interesting flashlight. As a key light that uses 10180 batteries to pursue the ultimate compactness, Frog provides 10440 battery tubes in order to take into account the battery life. Packed in a carton, the internal foam is slotted for shock resistance, and a Lumintop Frog, one user manual, one charging cable, one lanyard, one 10180 Li-ion battery, It's ready to use when you get it.

  Lumintop Frog uses a standard tube with a length of 45mm. If you replace it with a long tube, its length can reach 70mm, which is even shorter than a AAA battery flashlight. At this time, the weight with the battery is about 26 grams, which can also ensure good portability. Frog cannot use AAA or 7 batteries. Using hard aluminum alloy material with low density, light weight, high strength, fast heat dissipation, and corrosion resistance, the Lumintop is very light and can be hung on the keychain without being heavy.

  The whole body of Lumintop Frog has been polished and transitioned, the texture of the barrel body is consistent, and the inside of the hand rope hole is also chamfered, with fine workmanship. One cannot find any dissatisfaction in it.

  By switching the tube, Lumintop Frog can use 3.7V 10180 and 10440 lithium batteries, and the positive pole of the lamp head is a gold-plated contact. The inside of the barrel is a gold-plated spring, which reduces the contact resistance and improves the anti-oxidation ability. Pressing the battery can avoid the disconnection and jumping of gears due to shaking during use. The barrel tube is a gold-plated spring, which reduces the contact resistance and improves the anti-oxidation ability. Pressing the battery can avoid the circuit breakage due to shaking during use.

  The compact appearance is easy to carry, and the high-performance lamp beads bring practical lighting, which brings the agility of light to the quiet and silent things, and makes the coldness of the metal glow with warmth. Inside the Frog's lamp head is a Nichia 219C lamp bead with high color rendering, with an orange color temperature of 4500K, which can bring warm and comfortable light.


  Thanks to the high-efficiency constant current dimming circuit, there is no sstrobe in each Frog's always-on gear, which ensures that the eyes will not be tired after frequent use, which is beneficial to protect the eyesight.

  As a side switch flashlight, it is relatively easy to turn on by mistake. Lumintop Frog has designed a key lock mode, in the off state, quickly press the switch four times, the main light and the battery indicator flash together four times, indicating that the switch is locked. To unlock, just quickly press the switch four times again, and the main light will turn on the memory brightness. Even though the Frog is small, it is also very flexible to press the switch with gloves.

  If you want to enter the advanced setting function and configure the flashlight dimming mode, gear group, gear shift sequence, moonlight gear brightness, automatic downshift time, etc., you can press and hold the switch for more than 16 seconds (about 3 seconds in gear mode), Until the main light flashes double (2+1) signal, then you can adjust the function in groups (2+2, 2+3, 2+4...2+7) according to the manual, it is a bit complicated, and the signal prompt is very clear, and the test can be realized.

  The Lumintop Frog's charging module has been upgraded compared to pimi's, it is a TYPE-C interface, and it is also compatible. During charging, the red indicator light is on, and the green indicator light is on when fully charged. The 10180 battery can be fully charged in about one hour, and the 10440 battery can be fully charged in about two hours. Warm reminder, if it is not charging, please put away the charging module, because this little thing is too small, and it will be difficult to find if you lose it. The advantage of this external charging structure is that the barrel does not open, which ensures good waterproof performance. It enables Frog to reach the highest protection level of IPX8 electronic products. The integrated structure also has an impact resistance of 2 meters. It can be used in various complex environments without worrying about damage. 

  The Lumintop Frog is a little thing you deserve.

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