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Lumintop Review

  The Lumintop is one of the best flashlight brands. Lumintop Technology Co. Limited is one of the leaders in the design and manufacture of highest professional standards led flashlights and accessories. Founded in 2013, Lumintop has forged an international reputation for innovative design and manufacture high-end tactical, outdoor flashlights. Now we export to over 30 countries with more than 200 distributors all over the world. 


1. Lumintop frog

2. Lumintop edc15

3.Lumintop CL2

4.Lumintop D2

5.Lumintop HL3A

6.Lumintop B01

7.Lumintop BR1

8.Lumintop Tool aa2.0

9.Lumintop EDC 2AA

10.Lumintop GT NANO

Lumintop Frog

Author: Mark Young

Modes of Operation

Electronic Lockout Press switch 4 time quickly to engage and disengage

Default is smooth ramping from Moonlight to High. Memory for last setting used

To access Turbo – Double press switch while light is on or off

To access Strobe – Double press switch while light is in Turbo mode

Author: Febre do Aço

Diameter 0.6” / 15.6 mm (at the bezel)

Length 1.8” / 45mm

Weight 0.7oz / 19g (with battery and key chain biner)

Lumens Moonlight to High (285lm / 375lm) Smooth Ramping

Runtime 9 hours/ 36 hours (10180/10440, Moonlight)

Throw 443’ / 135 m & 4455cd (with 10180 battery)

492’ / 150 m & 5670cd (with 10440 battery)

Waterproof IPX-8, underwater 2m

Author: Weerapat Kiatdumrong

Luminus sst20 4000K

600-750 lumens


150 meters beam distance

Memory function

IPX8 Waterproof

TIR Lens

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Lumintop EDC15

Author: juan /dilasag

Emitter: Luminus SST20 4000K

Throw: ~135 m & ~4455cd(10180)/ 150 m & 5670cd(10440)

Power: 7.8W

User interface: Stepped with 5 modes setting

Waterproof: Equivalent to IPX-8, underwater 2m

Size: 15.6 x 14 x 45mm

Battery: One button-top 10180 Li-ion (included) or 10440 Li-ion (excluded) via the long tube

Author: Mark Young

Physical Specs

Length 68 mm

Diameter 18.5 mm

Weight with battery


Rotate bezel (quarter turn)

Comes on at level above last used

Will cycle through low-medium-high-turbo

6 continuous rotations to access strobe

Author: MakersVault

Lumintop EDC15: Lanterna tipo chaveiro com 760 lúmens e até 50 horas de bateria!

Neste vídeo apresentamos uma lanterna tipo chaveiro da Lumintop, feita para ser carregada no dia-a-dia. Ela pode ser utilizada com baterias 14500 ou pilhas AA alcalinas e recarregáveis.

Author: flashaholic_mining

with a 14500 Liion :

- 8 (6.8) Lumen for 50 hours

- 130 (132) Lumen for 4 hours 10 min

- 450 (466) Lumen for 58 minutes

- 760 (670) Lumen for 5 minutes then 320 (230) for 65 minutes

with a Ni-MH :

- 2 (1.7) Lumen for 80 hours

- 20 (15) Lumen for 16 hours

- 130 (90) Lumen for 2 hours 28 minutes

- 320 (230) Lumen for 65 minutes

Author: Weerapat Kiatdumrong

Emitter: Luminus SST20 4000K

Throw: ~135 m & ~4455cd(10180)/ 150 m & 5670cd(10440)

Power: 7.8W

User interface: Stepped with 5 modes setting

Waterproof: Equivalent to IPX-8, underwater 2m

Size: 15.6 x 14 x 45mm

Battery: One button-top 10180 Li-ion (included) or 10440 Li-ion (excluded) via the long tube

Click here to buy it: Lumintop EDC15

Lumintop CL2

Author: Mrwildnature

Cordless pendant flashlight Lumintop CL2 I had the opportunity to test the flashlight and it's a great product for area lighting. If you hang it above your tent or shelter, you will have lighting that does not disturb and illuminates everywhere.

Author: Kampkolik

Emitters: 4*Luminus SST20 LED

Maximum Brightness: 650 lumens

Peak Beam Distance: 46m

Peak Beam Intensity: 135cd

Impact Resistant: 1m

Battery: 4 x AA / 4 x 14500 (Can use 1-4 batteries though turbo may not be accessible

Waterproof: IP68

Click here to buy it: Lumintop CL2

Lumintop D2

Author: Greg Toope

Need a new flashlight at a nice reasonable price. Plus one that puts out a good amount of light. Well be sure to check out the FlashlightBrand LuminTop D2 flashlight. We do an unboxing of the FlashlightBrand LuminTop D2 flashlight to see what it comes with, then take the FlashlightBrand LuminTop D2 flashlight out at night to see what kind of light it pushes out. Pretty impressive for such a little light.

Author: Canal do Tio Chico


Lens: Dual sides AR coat anti-reflecting glass
Output: 5LM- 270LM- 550LM- 1000LM (Low-Med-High-Turbo)
Modes: Four modes plus Strobe and SOS
Max Beam Runtime: 82 hours (18650)
Max Beam Intensity: 56500cd ANSI
Max Beam distance: 475m

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Lumintop HL3A

Author: Plaridel Divers

Driver: FET+7+1 driver. Low parasitic drain while OFF

Body: Aluminum with hard-coat anodizing

Switch: Electronic tail switch

Optic: Standard TIR Optic

Lens: Glass with AR coating

Maximum Brightness: 2800 lumens

Peak Beam Distance: 200m

Peak Beam Intensity: 10000cd

IP Rating: IPX8

Click here to buy it: Lumintop HL3A

Lumintop B01

Author: Handyman2Go


1. Anti-glare design with max 850 lumens max output
2. Micro USB rechargeable with built-in charging indicator
3. Compatible with 21700 and 18650 Li-ion battery
4. Low battery indiactor
5. Simplify UI and compact in size
6. 4 output levels plus Strobe and SOS, mode memory
7. Easy mount system, bike amount included

Click here to buy it: Lumintop B01

Lumintop BR1

Author: Cut2Cut Reviews

This time I reviewed the mid segment Premium quality Head mount flashlight which totally surprised me.

I loved the fact that this came inside the cute little box which grabbed mt=y attention right away.
If you guys are considering a flashlight do check this one out.
It is around $30 and one of the greatest flashlights in that segment 

Author: Weerapat Kiatdumrong

Output: 440lumens

Spotlight and Floodlight

Max 100 meters beam distance

Motion Sensor switch for hands-free operation

USB-C charging port polymer battery

Light weight design

Click here to buy it: Lumintop BR1

Lumintop Tool aa2.0

Author: Benjamin PJr.

Tool AA 2.0 is a portable mini AA flashlight, which is the upgrade version of bestseller Tool AA. With the incredible handy and compact size, it emits a max output up to 650 lumens with the compatibility with one 14500 rechargeable Li-ion battery.

Click here to buy it: Lumintop Tool aa2.0

Lumintop EDC 2AA


Author: bilakos10(budgetlightforum)

User Interface

The Lumintop 2AA comes with a very simple UI.
Here's all the supported actions:
Turn on/off: Single press
Mode Cycle: Half press ( High > Medium > Low > High > ...)
Blinky modes: Loosen the head threads. Half press will cycle between Strobe and SOS.
Mode memory is in place.
Also the driver supports Low Voltage Warning and Low Voltage Protection.

Author: Mocarny(budgetlightforum)


Simple UI, with not reversed modes order (Hi - Med - Low)
Full click to turn it on, half click (reverse switch) for changing modes.
The flashlight has like 2 main modes: regular, so everything as you expect, 3 modes and that's it, and blinking mode - loose its head to have beacon and strobe mode

Click here to buy it: Lumintop EDC 2AA

Lumintop GT Nano

Author: minimum365 Outdoor Gear Lab

The Lumintop Gt Nano has a maximum brightness of

450lumens and a range of 300m. It has four models to choose from. It is small and delicate,

making them a good choice for everyday looking for small items. And the included battery

is powerful.


GT Nano is a super tiny yet ultra-throw mini keychain flashlight. With a length of 54mm and 18g in weight, this tiny flashlight can burst into a max of up to 450 lumens output and up to 306 meters amazing throw. The included 10180 Li-ion battery and a Micro USB charger allow the flashlight ready to use and easy to be charged. Defaulted smooth ramping UI, optional advance settings, IPX-8 waterproof, GT Nano is a must-have for your EDC collection.

Click here to buy it: Lumintop GT NANO

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