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Mateminco MT-911 Powerful Flashlight Review

Mateminco MT-911 Powerful Flashlight Review

  • Tuesday, 25 April 2023
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  The Mateminco MT-911 is one of the more popular flashlights recently. And It utilizes an XLD-G90 LED. The combination of high brightness and nearly 916m floodlight increases the practicality of the flashlight. Next, please let me introduce the Mateminco MT-911 in detail:

  The packaging box of Mateminco MT911 is the same as FW3, with a white box body. The usage scenarios of Mateminco MT-911 are marked on the side of the box, such as hunting, camping, first aid, etc. It's available in two colors: black and green, I prefer the green one. Plus, you can choose to buy a light individually or as a kit. In my opinion, the kit one is more cost-effective. Let's see what's in the package?

(1) MT-911

1 x MT-911

1 x Tube

2 x O-ring

1 x Lanyard

1 x Box

(2) MT-911 Kit

1 x MT-911

1 x 26350 short tube

1 x 26650 long tube

3 x Diffuser(green & red & blue)

2 x O-ring

1 x Lanyard

1 x Charging Cable

1 x 26350 Battery

1 x 26650 Battery

1 x Box

  The flashlight body is made of lightweight aerospace aluminum material with a sandblasted surface. The head, middle tube, and tail cap are detachable in a typical three-stage design. If you want to be more portable, you can remove the 26650 tube in the middle and replace it with a short Tube. And if you want a longer run time, choose the long tube. When the Mateminco MT-911 is replaced with a 26350 short tube, the size and shape of the flashlight is similar to that of a paper cup. But whether using the 26650 tube or the 26350 tube, its grip is very comfortable.

  In order to enhance the heat dissipation performance, Mateminco has designed up to seven heat dissipation fins for the Mateminco MT-911, which increases the heat dissipation of the flashlight. And the tube in the middle is added with square (short)/horizontal (long) knurling, which can effectively prevent the flashlight from slipping from the hand. And the tail cap is designed with a nut-shaped section for easy screwing and battery replacement.

  Its button is on the neck of the flashlight like most Mateminco flashlights. It has the function of power prompt - The button cap lights up red when charging (green when fully charged). The operation logic of the Mateminco MT-911 is also very simple, single click to light up (low brightness by default), long press for ramping, double click for super bright, triple click for flash, easy to use.

  The other side of the neck of the flashlight is a waterproof rubber plug, and you will find a Type_C charging port after opening. The Type-C direct charging design greatly enhances the convenience of charging.

  The tail of the flashlight has a strong magnetic attraction, and it is still very firm when it is attached to an iron surface with a short tube. The MT-911's waterproof rating is IPX6.

  After unscrewing the tail cap, you can see the gold-plated spring with multiple layers inside, which can press the battery more tightly.


  From the actual spot on the wall, we can intuitively see that its floodlight area is very wide, and the center spot is bright and concentrated. There is no stray light in the outer ring. The beam is beautiful.

  When in danger, three clicks can be used to turn on the flash, and the strong suppression of 6200 lumens can make people blind for a short time.

  As a high-performance bright flashlight, the Mateminco MT-911 performs very well in all aspects. It can also be used as a reading light or ambient light with a diffuser. The powerful magnetic function of the tail allows it to be firmly adsorbed on iron surfaces, making work easier. It can be used in various occasions. Therefore, Mateminco MT-911 is a flashlight worthy of collection.

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