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Best led flashlight brands on sale

Mateminco Review

The Mateminco is one of the best flashlight brands. Mateminco will never be satisfied if one of their customers is not satisfied. Thus, overseas localization is their ambition to provide better service while continuing upgrading the products. New products designed on the basis of high quality and affordable price are being launched every two months on average.


1. Mateminco FW3S

2. Mateminco TK04

3. Mateminco FW2

4. Mateminco FW3

5. Mateminco G02

6. Mateminco FT01

7. Mateminco CSF04

8. Mateminco MT70

9. Mateminco FT03

10. Mateminco MT04

11. Mateminco LT40

Mateminco FW3S

Author: Weerapat Kiatdumrong

Emitters: Luminus SFT40 + 9*XBD

Output: 26650lm

Max Beam Distance: 616m

Max Beam Intensity: 9500cd

Tempered Coated Glass

Temperature Control

Waterproof: IPX6

Impact Resistance: 1m

Author: Rob (1lumen)

Mateminco FW3S executes the combination of flood and throw using a ring of Cree XP-G emitters surrounding a single Luminus SFT40 with a deep, smooth reflector. 

Author: bilakos10 (budgetlightforum)

One of the most interesting features of the FW3S is its emitter setup. Looking into the head, we can see an SFT40 in the middle of the smooth reflector. Additionally, there are 9 XBD emitters mounted on the secondary / peripheral TIR reflector.

Click here to buy it: Mateminco FW3S

Mateminco TK04

Author: Charles BridgTec

Here is the latest from Mateminco with their TK04 flashlight bundle. Sporting four Luminus SST40 LEDs for impressive throwing range distance. The spill area has some halo effects but is not too bad. This can run on either 18650 or 26650 cells without issues, but 21700 cells I have would not fit in adapter. Using quality unprotected cells for best performance and runtimes. This has USB Type C charging system which is a plus. The build quality is very nice. Feels solid and rugged in its construction.

Click here to buy it: Mateminco TK04

Mateminco FW2

Author: SammysHP (budgetlightforum)

The flashlight is amazingly small: 32 mm diameter and 128 or 98 mm long (depending on the battery tube). It weights 105 or 90g. 

Click here to buy it: Mateminco FW2

Mateminco FW3

Author: juan /dilasag

Mateminco FW3 is using boosting  constant current driver

White Laser is the main light

9pcs xbd us the aux light

Max Distance is 1350m

Max intensity is 460000cd

Author: protechteus

Moja latareczka to LEP + 9 czerwonych ledów na floodzie. Taktyczne UI, widoczne na filmiku (wybiera się przez półkliki przy wyłączonej latarce), lecz jej chyba druzgodzącą wadą jest brak memory mode - trzeba wszystko przeklikiwać po kolei. Jedynie szybkim dwuklikiem można się szybko dostać do turbo w LEPie, a trzyklikiem do strobe czerwonymi ledami.

Click here to buy it: Mateminco FW3

Mateminco G02

Author: juan /dilasag

MATEMINCO G02 1600lm USB Type-C Rechargeable Magnetic Powerful Headlamp Lantern LED Flashlight for Hunting, Fishing ; Max Beam Distance. 210 Meters ; USB Charging.

Author: Weerapat Kiatdumrong

Output: 1600lm

Max Beam Distance: 210m

Max Beam Intensity: 11026cd

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Reflector: Smooth

1 meter impact resistance

IPX6 Waterproof

Weight: 53g

Size: 96.5mm * 24.5mm * 23mm

Author: Leuchtkraft

Today it's about the Mateminco G02 head/forehead lamp with an SFS 80 Led and 1600 lumens in the highest light level.

Click here to buy it: Mateminco G02

Mateminco FT01



Material: Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy

Max Output: 1250lm

Max Beam Distance: 209 Meters

Max Beam Intensity: 11000cd

Impact Resistance: 1m

Waterproof: IPX6

Weight: 78g

Size: 98.5mm * 43.5mm * 22mm(Length * Head Diameter * Body Diameter)

Click here to buy it: Mateminco FT01

Mateminco MT04

Author: juan /dilasag

The flashlight is capable of producing up to 7,000 lumens, making it ideal for use in low-light conditions.

The flashlight is made from high-quality materials and is designed to withstand harsh conditions. It is waterproof, shockproof, and can withstand extreme temperatures.

The MT04 features multiple lighting modes, including strobe and SOS, to suit different situations.

Mateminco CSF04

Author: Charles BridgTec

Sporting the Luminus SST-20 LED for nice throwing ability for its size. Also The UV and red and blue LED's make for neat special modes. This light is small enough for the EDC on your key chain. These are rugged and look nice as well. The USB Type C charging system is a plus, but no cable is provided. These make for great gift ideas for the upcoming holidays for that special someone.

contentClick here to buy it: Mateminco CSF04

Click here to buy it: Mateminco MT04

Mateminco LT40

Author: Weerapat Kiatdumrong

Emitter: 4 * Luminus XHP50.2

Brightness: 12600 Lumens

Max Beam Distance: 382m

Max Beam Intensity: 36481cd

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Lens: Tempered Glass

Driver: Direct Drive Driver

Impact Resistance: 1m

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