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Comes with atmosphere light, EDC small tube with various ways to play - Lumintop FW3X

Comes with atmosphere light, EDC small tube with various ways to play - Lumintop FW3X

  • Thursday, 17 February 2022
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Comes with atmosphere light, EDC small tube with various ways to play - Lumintop FW3X

  When you have a flashlight, what do you use it for? A lot of people would say of course it's for lighting. Admittedly, this is its housekeeping skills. But it actually has many other uses. For example, use it to play, use it as a collection, and adjust the taste. The Lumintop FW3X is such a versatile flashlight.

  Most of Lei Mingtu's flashlight packaging uses a simple and environmentally friendly kraft paper shell, with an outer seal + inner box design. Just a little tight when pulling. Lumintop FW3X is available in cool white and medium white. There is a label on the box to indicate the specific model and style.

  The contents are given two spare O-rings for sealing. Like the FW3A, the FW3X uses "Anduril" free software as a firmware adjustment. Function is very rich. However, for novice users, it is necessary to operate the buttons according to the icons on the manual. It is relatively easy to use after familiarity.

  Fw3x is small and exquisite, the head size is only 25.5mm, and the length is only 92.5mm. The FW3X has a maximum brightness of 2800 lumens and a range of up to 200 meters.

  The design is very clever, the thumb can easily cover the tail press when held with one hand, and it can ensure normal operation even when wearing gloves.

  The head of the tube and the tail near the back clip are distributed with diamond pattern. This knurling treatment makes it have enough friction when disassembling the barrel and installing and removing the battery, so that it will not fall off accidentally due to slipping. In addition, the whole tube is not "straight" to the end, and a "waist" is specially designed in the middle of the tube, which is located on the folded surface when the hand is clamped, which is easy to control.

  The hole on the clip can pass the hand rope. The holding clips are the same primary color as the switch, which contrasts sharply with the black body. We can clip it in a trouser pocket. It won't roll back and forth when lying on the table.

  The eye-catching "rabbit" LOGO on the rear button is made of aluminum alloy. It is level with the inner concave body and can stand upside down. In addition, this button is active and can be rotated back and forth. When we continuously press the "stuck", it can be restored by turning it. In addition, if you need to restore the factory settings, you can press and hold the button when releasing the tail cover, then tighten it again, and press and hold for 3 seconds.

  The barrel is made of black hard-coated anodized aluminum, which has good wear resistance and excellent workmanship. The cylinder head, middle cylinder and tail cover can be separated. It is worth mentioning that every time the battery is installed and the barrel is tightened, the light head will flash once to indicate the power-on reminder.

  There are springs on the circuit board at the head and tail of the flashlight (positive and negative double spring design), the battery can be pressed tightly during use, and it will not cause power failure due to back and forth shaking.

  The flashlight has an O-ring for waterproofing. The waterproof level is as high as IPX8, so it is safe for outdoor use in the wind and rain.

  FW3X uses three XPL HI lamp beads produced by CREE, with frosted lenses and anti-reflection coated glass lenses, which can take into account a wide range.

  The biggest highlight of the FW3X is its built-in atmosphere. In the dark night, the colorful lights of various colors change like a rainbow, which is very beautiful. Of course, the brightness and flashing of the lights can be adjusted.

  In general, the FW3X has excellent overall quality. For EDC players, it is a good choice to play with lighting.

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