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Rabbit's Luminous Radish - Lumintop Gift-G1

Rabbit's Luminous Radish - Lumintop Gift-G1

  • Tuesday, 15 February 2022
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Rabbit's Luminous Radish - Lumintop Gift-G1 

  The flashlight brings light and is the most commonly used edc lighting equipment. Among the many flashlights, my favorite is the glow-in-the-dark flashlight that looks like a radish - the Lumintop Gift-G1.

  The material used in the luminous version of the flashlight belongs to the light storage type. The light-storing luminous material can only emit light by absorbing external light energy, and it needs to store enough light energy to ensure continuous light emission. We have green, red and blue luminous flashlights, but the red luminous effect is not as strong as the other models.

  When the light is sufficient, the blue fluorescent material is light yellow-green, and it has two different effects during the day and night; the color of the green fluorescent material is greener than the blue; the red fluorescent material is the primary color.

  The lamp neck is made of red copper to ensure good thermal conductivity and avoid excessive heat accumulation in the circuit room of the cylinder, which will cause the lamp beads to fade.

  The weight of Lumintop Gift-G1 is only 46.6 grams, and the weight with a 14500 lithium battery is just 70 grams, which is very light and does not take up space for daily carrying and use.

  The length of Lumintop Gift-G1 is 88mm. Due to the use of fluorescent material, the diameter of the lamp head is 21mm, and the maximum size of the tactical ring position is 30.5mm, which fully conforms to the positioning of EDC.


  The design, processing and assembly of the flashlight are relatively fine. The threaded part has a sealing ring and is covered with waterproof silicone grease. In addition, there is no charging opening. The dustproof and waterproof of the G1 reaches the highest level of IP68 electronic products, and can be used normally under water of 2 meters.

  The Lumintop Gift-G1 can use AA or 14500 lithium batteries. Using AA batteries, the minimum brightness is 1.3Lumens, the medium brightness is 18Lumens, the high brightness is 110Lumensand the maximum brightness can reach 165lumens. Using 14500 batteries, there are also four blocks of luminous flux, namely 7Lumens, 55Lumens, 300Lumens, 500Lumens. If you just need to carry the lighting with you, you can use AA batteries and that will suffice. And using 14500 batteries, suitable for hiking and camping lights for outdoor activities.

  Unscrew the tail cover and assemble the tactical ring. For the tail-pressing flashlight, the tactical ring operation switch is used, which is convenient and quick to operate with one hand. In addition, after installing the tactical ring, it can effectively prevent rolling.

  Lumintop Gift-G1 also comes with a hand strap, which is just tied to the opening on one side of the ring. You can usually put the Gift-G1 on your wrist, so you don’t have to worry about accidental drop and bump damage during use. G1 can also be hung on handlebars, backpacks, etc.


  Overall, the Lumintop Gift-G1 is a decent flashlight for collectibles.

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